Mr. Ener Angarov

Higher Education special, technical, economic and financial. He worked as the head offices as:
Director and developer of projects, an economist at the state planning, new technologies, an expert in the creation and development of new jobs in the state of economic development based on the use of local raw materials, the use of climatic conditions to produce electric energy, a specialist in organization development and capacity international collaborative projects
Experience since 1983. Participated in the development and production planning of projects such as;
1. Plant for processing of cotton.
2. Refineries.
3. Piping
4. Manufacture of leather processing.
5. Manufacture of textile industry.
6. Production of thermo plants.
7. Security and storage of crops.
8. Production of silicon, the production of modules and photos of obtaining energy from the sun.
For projects using silicon and solar energy conversion into electricity, working from 1988.
Participated in the program of the USSR after rendering assistance of Africa on workings out and to release of products of household requirement from PVC low and high pressures.
The former employee of Committee Outwardly Economic relations On work with the foreign states USSR and the Russian Federation.
Photo conference November 2011 years Cairo Egypt

Photo conference November 2014 years Cairo Egypt.

By present time E O / Commerce and Assembly Company LLP «TRT Power Supply» informs you that our representative on the International Economic Development is Ener Angarov. Mr. Ener A. engineers and economy professional has It has 30 years of rich
of extensive international experience in the development and implementation of new technology projects in the countries of Central Asia and the African continent.


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